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First Time Patients

New Client Information

Our team welcomes everyone on an emergency basis.
If feasible, this form should be filled out prior to your visit to our hospital to facilitate more rapid registration in our system and hospital admittance.


What to Expect


Step 1

Contact the clinic prior to your arrival to let our team know you are coming, and to register yourself and your pet in our system. This will allow our whole team to get prepared for your arrival. Either fill in our New Client Form or provide your information to our receptionist on the phone.

Step 2

Once you arrive, your pet will be triaged as quickly as possible. Your pet may be brought straight to the treatment area if emergent stabilization is required, otherwise they will stay with you. You will either be asked to wait in a consultation room, in the reception area, or in your vehicle, until a doctor can speak with you to make a plan.

Step 3

How long do you wait? We function similarly to a human emergency hospital. Once your pet is triaged, they will join the queue and be seen by a doctor in order of severity of their symptoms. This may vary from a few minutes to a few hours, depending on how many pets are waiting to be seen and what they are coming in for.

Step 4

The Plan. Once your pet has been examined by the doctor, they will discuss a plan with you on how best to proceed. This may include recommendations for diagnostics or treatments. They will provide estimates for these plans, and you will decide together which route you are most comfortable with. The PVEH team will then follow through with the accepted plan.


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